Northern Easter Camp

Northern Easter Camp 2020

Matt Martyn

Matt is an excellent communicator who passionately brings the Word to life by carefully weaving story and practical application through his messages. With over 15 years of youth ministry experience, Matt and his wife, Kelly, now lead a church community in Hamilton, and have a heart to see people know and experience the love of Jesus in their lives. We are excited to welcome Matt back to camp again this year!

Natua Kaa-Morgan

Natua’s got whale rider, war dog and wayfarer in her blood. She’s brown like earth, deep like ocean, and free like sky. When she’s not out here decolonising the world with her husband, ya sis is loving on David Attenborough or THE QUEEN Rihanna. She communicates from her puku, her gut, the place where love sits - and that love is thick for Aotearoa. She is wahine. Māori. The Pacific Ocean. The land.


Born and bred in the Waikato, Jeremy has worked as a youth pastor, newspaper deliverer, pork crackle sealer and kiwifruit labourer. He has a fascination with exploring the intersection between faith and life, and loves sharing his observations with others who are interested in looking deeper and closer. Beyond reading pages and tapping the laptop, Jeremy pretends he can play basketball like Reggie Miller, & loves running trails, theology and baking up a storm.


Blue has been the Director of Easter Camp for eleven years now - pretty sweet innings! He is as passionate about young people as he is about all things outdoors. Blue has a knack for story-telling and connecting people and likes to think he also has a knack for fishing. Blue literally wants to change the world and believes the next generation are fully equipped to do it.