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What you need to know before Camp

BYM Northern Easter Camp 2017

Hey Campers

We are super excited as we countdown the weeks/days before we launch into yet another awesome time at Mystery Creek! We hope you have been getting in lots of pitching your tent practice, checking your airbeds for any leaks and reading up on this cool little site what you can expect. Make sure you follow us on good ole Insta, or find us on facey. Because people ---- CAMP IS GONNA be LEGIT!

Make sure you have your gear list CHECK, Bible & Notebook CHECK, you’ve read the rules like 5 times CHECK and you have packed your outfits for the op shop ball/dance party CHECK ----- because that my friends is going to be SUPERIFFICCCC!! <

Make sure you have invited all your friends as well, that are teen age, because they will be most welcome to come and have a crazy time with us!!

What to Bring

Stuff and things etc

What to bring

This will be particular to your youth community but the basics are:

• Clothes (for hot and very cold weather extremes)
• Towel(s)/Toiletries
• Togs – for the waterslide and mudpit
• Sports gear if you plan on playing 
• Bedding and something to sleep on make it a comfy air mattress or whatever because it's 4 nights on that bad boy! (don’t forget what we said above about it being cold)
• Your outfits for the foam party and the futuristic dance party
• Cash for the village, for EC merchandise, those amazing donuts and the café
• Bible and Notebook
• Drink bottle & Torch
• Skateboards and rollerblades for the skatepark
• Note: plates, knives, forks etc are provided

PLEASE: Name everything. If it gets lost camp holds no responsibility for lost property. This includes phones, ipads, money, etc. – you bring these things at your own risk.
PLEASE: Look after your belongings, and girls you don’t need to bring the kitchen sink full of make up – you’re beautiful enough, and camp hair is so in right now. Trust me – I mean just think about Jesus’ hair! SO ON TREND RIGHT NOW!

Getting to Camp

Where is Easter Camp held?

Getting to Camp

BYM Northern Easter Camp is held at:

Mystery Creek Events Centre
125 Mystery Creek Road

Getting there

Most Youth groups/communities will organise transport for you, whether you all come by bus from your area or you come in cars or they may even advise you to come straight to Mystery Creek. Please check with your group to see what the plan is for your group .

for Parents

What you need to know

What you need to know

For Parents

Easter Camp is primarily for high-school-aged youth (13 to 18-year-olds) and is run under the umbrella of Baptist Youth Ministries, though the camp itself is multi-denominational.
There is a very high leader:young person ratio, with about 600 leaders and parent helpers from individual churches looking after their youth group for the duration of camp. Your young person must register through a local youth group - they cannot register individually through this website. We can get you in touch with the nearest group to you if required.
We have a 24-hour Site Safe team, some of whom are off-duty police officers. We do not allow visitors to freely come and go from the camp site as we need to know who is on site at all times.
Easter Camp has a zero-tolerance policy to drugs and alcohol. Parents of offenders will be contacted and are required to pick up their young person the same day.
The programming is a combination of structured and unstructured including morning and evening gatherings and group time. Organised optional activities include sport, recreation and workshops. ALL activities are OSH compliant.
All meals are provided - however there are also food stalls in the village. We cater for vegetarian and gluten-free diets only.

If you have questions

Email Us / Facebook / Instagram / FAQ


What you need to know

What you need to know

Pricing & Cutoffs

The price for camp all depends on when you are registering.

EARLYBIRD RATE: $165pp (until Sun 26 Feb 2017)

FAMILY ASSISTANCE RATE*: $149pp (until Sun 26 Feb 2017)
*This applies only if the following conditions are met: » Campers are 13 to 18 years old » Campers are living at the same address » Campers are financially dependant on the same parent/guardian » Their registrations are received together (i.e. mailed in the same envelope). Please note: The Family Assistance Rate does not apply to siblings who are financially independent, married, over 18 years or are registering as a leader or worker.

REGULAR RATE: $179pp (until 2 April 2017) 

You must register by 2 April 2016. We are unable to accept registrations at camp.

If you have any questions about prices or deadlines, please email regos@easter.camp


What you need to know


Easter Camp is open to:

• Youth between the ages of 13-18 years old who attend school and are registered with a youth group
• Youth communities from Auckland, Northland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty*
• Workers/Leaders/Parent Helpers aged 18 or over

* If your youth community is on the East Coast of the North Island, or further south than the regions above, we encourage you to attend Central Easter Camp.

Register with a group

If you don’t belong to a local youth community coming to camp then contact us ASAP and we will put you in contact on in your area. Choice! Also see FAQ and our contact deets.

If you are a youth leader, then read the below:
• Create an account with your username being the name of your Church and City. i.e. Gateway Hamilton
• Login and create your group profile so we can post you a leaders' pack.
• Add any extra youth group fees you have, print your rego forms and get promoting!


Questions and Answers

What you need to know



    Easter Camp is for 13 to 18 year-old young people and their leaders. To attend, you need to register with your local youth community. If you are not connected to one, email us and we can suss you out.


    Rates depend on your rego type (camper, leader etc) and when you register - our Earlybird Rate closes 26 Feb and our Full Rate on 2 Apr. A Family Assistance Rate is available - conditions apply. Read more or email us.

  • Can i come and go?

    Your youth leader may opt to come into camp early and set up tents but we do not allow day visitors for security reasons. If you have to leave site, your parent must apply in writing to your Youth Leader who will arrange a special pass. We do NOT offer discounts for partial attendance of camp.


    We have both vegetarian and gluten-free menus. You must register and there is a $15 surcharge for this. Unfortunately we cannot cater for vegan, egg-free, dairy-free, sugar-free or any other special requirements. You will need to have your Youth Leader contact us so we can work this out.

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