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What's Happening?


Who is in the lineup?


How you can get stuck in


Your Youth Leader will register your Sports teams.


This competition is for groups who want to get in have a go and have some fun. Rules still apply. Pool play for the social competition is on the Friday with finals taking place on the Sunday afternoon. Limited spaces available for all sports. First in first served.


The league competition is for groups who take their sports more seriously and want play at a competitive level. Normal sport rules apply. Fair play will be awarded. More games will be played in this competition; teams must be able to play all their pool games on the Saturday with finals taking place on the Sunday afternoon.


For each team you enter, your youth community must provide a referee for that sport. Your referee will be expected to referee the game immediately after the one your team has played – this may mean they miss a game if you have one scheduled.


You can download the EC17 Sports Rules PDF by clicking the below link.

EC17 Sports Rules EC17 Sports Rules (95 KB)

Talent Quest

Come Dazzle mcShazzle!

  • Come and dazzle us with your talent! Think you got some talent that people wanna see? Then enter the awesome EC TALENT QUEST and get discovered! It's easy! Just fill in this form, click send and we'll register you.  Then get practicing! You'll hear back from us nearer the time with details.

    Important things to note

    * you can tick more than one box! For example, you may have a song that is also original, then you would tick both boxes.
    * the EC Talent Quest is not open to leaders. Soz.
    * Please send only one Talent entry per form. Thanks.
    Note: this form whacked out for a bit but it is working again now! If you tried to register for the talentQuest before, please do again now :)

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Arriving & Leaving

To and from camp

Arriving & Leaving

Once you arrive at camp you are not permitted to leave site UNLESS you have a special leave pass. 

Your Youth Group leader will need to organise this for you prior to camp starting or when you arrive. Leaving camp is only permitted for special occasions like a wedding or a funeral or if someone needs medical attention or is working.

Please make sure when you arrive that you make sure you have this sorted or you get it sorted on arrival at the registration desk or information desk.

Camp Rules

What you need to know

Camp Rules

Easter Camp is drug and alcohol free, no exceptions
Fires are dangerous, so please don't light them
We think stealing is wrong, so if it's not yours, leave it alone
You've gotta be at the main & small group sessions and they're totally worth it
Tents belonging to the opposite sex are out of bounds. No sexy times outside of marriage please! Let's keep it clean.
Once on site you must stay on site unless you have written permission from camp management to leave
No swimming in the river at any time
No water balloon launchers

Additional Things to Consider

Drink and eat heaps and pace yourself...don't do it all at once!
Main Sessions are off the hook – be there! 
Camp shuts down at 12am
Make sure you look after the Site Safety Team. They are here to look after you! Be nice, cooperate, and maybe buy them a treat.

In case of emergency

Talk to your youth leader first – they have all the basic First Aid needs covered. 
If it's more serious than that, get your youth leader to bring you to the Medical Clinic. A team of doctors and nurses are available at the clinic in the village area – look for the signs. The Site Safety team will also be able to direct you.